At Altiknits we also combine the latest technology in knitting machines with the natural skill of our talented Bolivian craftsmen. Each garment is knitted under the vigilant eyes of our engineers in Stoll or Shima knitting machines. Once machine knitting of the garment is completed, the stitching, finishing, ironing and packing is all done by hand. This laborious work results in the superb quality and durability of our products, ensuring the lifelong enjoyment of our garments. To guarantee perfection, every item goes through five steps of quality control before being shipped to clients all over the world.

Altiknits works with multigauge machines, gauges 2.5 through 14, which allow us to knit anything from luxuriously thick garments with a hand-made look, to light pieces that are ideal for warmer weather.

Additionally, we are one of the only companies in the region to offer clients the opportunity to enjoy fine apparel made through a combination of machine knitting and hand-made details on each item; and they love us for it!