Llama fiber is soft, warm, light, and long-lasting. This luxurious and appealing fiber comes from the llama, a camelid native of the South American Andes region. The llama is the sweetheart of the Bolivian Andes, with around 65% of the world’s llamas living in this country. Thanks to technological innovation implemented and patented by our sister company, we are the only worldwide suppliers of the very finest dehaired llama fiber: the precious cashllama.

Today, over 90% of our production is in babyllama, cashllama, or llama fiber blends. The preference of our clients for this noble fiber comes as no surprise given its advantages: it is soft to the touch and does not shed, it is naturally glossy and exists in an array of natural colors, it is naturally hypoallergenic and non-flammable, absorbs little humidity, and is thermally insulating, elastic and strong. Llama fiber is harvested with minimum effects on the environment or the animal itself, and, the sale of llama fiber is the main source of income for many families in the Bolivian highlands.